Types of Visitors and Volunteers

All visiting individuals, except those who meet the OHSU escorted visitor policy criteria, who are at OHSU without an official appointment or are acting on behalf of OHSU in any capacity, are considered escorted or unescorted visitors. Examples include: visiting scientists, visiting scholars, visiting clinicians, visiting consultants, invited students and guests, and others. 

Volunteers are individuals who are donating their time for either altruistic reasons, or to gain specific experiences at OHSU.

Casual visitors are individuals such as job/training applicants, or visitors of patients. 

Not all Visitors and Volunteers are registered with the Office of Visitors and Volunteers (OVV). Some exceptions include affiliate faculty, and M.D. or RN students on clinical rotation/practicum.

Typically, visitors who will participate in any capacity other than observation, will need network or badge access, will not be escorted at all times, and are here for more than 30 days in a calendar month (i.e., not here in only September, but September and in October) should on board via OVV. If you have questions if this applies to your visitors/volunteer please contact: ovv@ohsu.edu.

Learn what classifications with the Volunteer and Unescorted Visitor series the OVV registers

Altruistic Volunteers are individuals who donate their time and service without compensation in an selfless effort to fulfill OHSU's mission. Particular skills sets are not typically required. 

Altruistic Volunteers are a particular classification within the Volunteer series. 

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Skilled volunteers are individuals who are volunteering to provide OHSU will their professional expertise or skills on a very limited basis without compensation in a selfless effort to fulfill OHSU's mission. Additionally, these individuals do not have entitlement to future employment. Number of hours may vary depending on duties assigned, but generally limited to 6 hours or less a week.

Skilled volunteers are a particular classification within the Volunteer series. 

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Experiential Volunteers are individuals who voluntarily participate in various activities to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to propel them towards their future professional or educational goals. These individuals may be unpaid, or compensated from an outside source or through OHSU Accounts Payable. They are also not receiving any academic credit from their home institution/school for their time at OHSU. Additionally, these individuals are not entitled to employment/ academic enrollment.

Experiential Volunteers  are a particular classification within the Volunteer series.

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Episodic volunteer programs are ongoing programs who require groups of volunteers (see "volunteer" definition) to participate in short-term activities, typically off of OHSU property to fulfill OHSU's outreach mission. Particular skills sets are not required. These individuals typically do not volunteer on a repeating basis.

Episodic volunteers are a particular classification within the Volunteer series.

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Visiting scholars are established academic professionals who are here to learn from OHSU personnel, collaborate on work, or use OHSU specialized equipment in an academic and/or research capacity. These individuals are not entitled to employment. Additionally, these individuals may be compensated from an outside source or by OHSU via stipend or honorarium in accordance with OHSU policy. 

Visiting scholar is a particular classification within the Unescorted Visitor series.

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Non-OHSU student interns are individuals who participate in various activities to gain knowledge, skills, and abilities for academic credit towards a degree from their home institution. For these individuals, OHSU has an educational obligation to review their performance; they may or may not be compensated, but they are not entitled to employment/ academic enrollment.

Non-OHSU student interns are a specific classification within the Unescorted Visitor series. 

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