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Be aware of revised recommendations

Please be aware that OHSU has set forth guidelines for any OHSU employee, student or volunteer who has departed from China on or after Jan. 23, 2020. Please read about this on OHSU Now.

Find more resources and information on impacts of COVID-19 here.

Formal Internship Programs at OHSU

OHSU has compiled information from Central Financial Services, HR Compensation, Legal, Office of International Affairs and the Provost's Office to bring you a one-stop shop of information about formal internship programs at OVV:

Formal Internship Programs: Resources for New and Existing Formal Internship Programs

More information about international visitors and stipends is still be developed, stay tuned!

Background Check Delays from Japan

Please note, there are current significant delays for background checks in Japan. If your visitor has spent more than a year in Japan or lived most of their life in Japan, please contact our office to let us know ahead of time. Please plan for an extra 6-8 weeks for these applications to be processed.

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