Logging Your Volunteer Hours

*Please see your VicNet homepage for the most recent COVID-19 updates pertaining to Visitors/Volunteers

All volunteers are expected to log their hours, including interns. Visiting scholars and practitioners do not log hours.

This requirement and instructions on how to do so are listed both in the online or in-person OVV orientation you completed, as well as listed in your activation email you received with your ID badge. Please log your hours at least once a week.

 Logging hours is a security measure used to confirm that a volunteer is active and covered by liability to volunteer. One of your most important responsibilities is to keep track of your hours in the online Volgistics VicNet system.

Each month OVV audits hours logged and sends reminders to those in non-compliance. Continued non-compliance will result in assignment termination. If you will be inactive for more than 30 days please notify OVV at: ovv@ohsu.edu

Forget your login and password?

  • Your login is the e-mail address you used when you filled out your online registration form - not your OHSU email.
  • Your initial password is the last seven digits of your phone number (no area code and no dash)

Still having trouble logging in? E-mail OVV@ohsu.edu

Bookmark this Volgistics VicNet website to your favorites: https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/?FROM=20099

For step-by-step instructions on how to log your hours, see video here. Note this video is sponsored by Volgistics, and has more options in the demo than what may be available to you.

Made a mistake in your hours? Please log the correct entry and email ovv@ohsu.edu and we will delete the incorrect one.