Episodic Volunteer

Registering Episodic Volunteers

Episodic volunteer programs are different than other volunteer classifications in that OHSU is registering the event or program, rather than individuals that are participating. That said, The Office of Visitors &Volunteers (OVV) works in partnership with the Hosting Site to ensure that the event or program is approved prior to Episodic Volunteers being recruited, or the program/event starting.

Your responsibilities for hosting an Episodic Volunteer include: 

  • Accurately completing the Volunteer Information form; resubmitting as needed prior to each event occurrence sponsored by the program
  • Assessing the applicant Episodic Volunteers to ensure they are a good match for your department
  • Collecting basic contact information, and emergency contact information for all Episodic Volunteers
  • Only assigning duties to an Episodic Volunteer that have been cleared through the OVV
  • Requiring and tracking completion of any training needed for the volunteer to perform their duties safely and responsibly (approved duties will be those that don't require particular skills sets)
  • Log hours served by all Episodic Volunteers per event in Volgistics (e.g. 6 volunteers served 2 hours one Saturday = 12hours)
  • Informing OVV if any problems, injuries, or concerns arise regarding any Episodic Volunteers
  • Maintaining a department file for all Episodic Volunteer information, as well as Program/Event information
  • Is participating in short-term activities, typically off OHSU property to fulfill OHSU's outreach mission
  • Is participating in activities without any compensation (school credit does not count as compensation; however stipends/funds from their home institution, or outside organization, does count as compensation)
  • Performs activities that are flexible and in support of the work of a paid employee, but not comparable in scope
  • Volunteers can never displace regular employees
  • Individuals typically do not volunteer on a repeating basis (see hour limitations below)
  • Will serve less than a total of at least 40 hours (no duration specified), allowable hours per event may vary depending on assigned duties/duration of the event, but generally, are limited to 8 hours per day, 25 hours per week
  • Is at least 16 years of age
  • Supervisors cannot oversee volunteers who are family members, or members of their household
  • OHSU should not derive immediate advantage for the volunteer's activities; all assigned work should be in assistance to paid staff, and therefore volunteers' duties performed wouldn't be sole contributions that immediately advantages the work area
  • Volunteers are to be under the close supervision of existing paid OHSU personnel
  • OHSU is not committed to hire the volunteer at the conclusion of the event
  • OHSU and the volunteer agree that (s)he is not entitled to wages for the work performed

This definition tracks the test for unpaid interns who are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act's (FLSA) minimum wage and overtime requirements (See U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet #71, available at http://www.dol.gov/whd/regs/compliance/whdfs71.htm),as well as ensuring OHSU stays in compliance with our union labor contracts and general OHSU labor/employment policies.

  1. Complete a Volunteer Information form. Submit to our office via OVV@ohsu.edu
  2. OVV reviews the form and distributes to other approving departments (e.g. Risk Management, Legal, Environmental Health & Radiation Safety, Institutional Review Board, etc.)
  3. Once all approvals have been collected, OVV will notify the Hosting Site
  4. After the event, the Hosting Site will log into Volgistics and submit a total numberof hours served by all volunteers

Recurring Events:

  1. Each time the program hosts the approved event, the Hosting Site will submit an updated Information form matching the approved version (see above), but include the event-specific details (e.g. location, dates, etc.) along with the roster of volunteers (and emergency contacts). If details have not changed, then the form will not need to be re-approved. Event-specific completed forms should be submitted at least 1 day before the event is being held

  2. After the event, the Hosting Site will log into Volgistics and submit a total number of hours served by all volunteers