COVID-19 Vaccination Volunteer Opportunities

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Did you submit an interest form?

Please be patient. We have received more than 10,000 responses.

If you received an email(s): You indicated more than one interest. We will invite those qualified for available roles to fill out a volunteer application.  

If you have not received an email: You are still in our pool, but volunteer roles are filled. Check back for updates.

Did you fill out a volunteer application?

Because of volume, it’s taking us longer than expected to process applications. Background checks are also taking longer nationwide because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Please don’t email us. We will let you know your next step.

Do you plan to apply?

We are currently looking for volunteers who are qualified to provide vaccinations in Oregon.

If you have an active medical license, expired license or an associated certification, please fill out the interest form on this page.

In addition, at this time, please fill out the Interest Form only if you are qualified to provide vaccinations. We will update this page as our volunteer needs expand. Please check back.

Learn about the qualifications for all our volunteer roles.

OHSU will continue calling on volunteers to support COVID-19 vaccination clinics around the state. Find details on this page  in coming weeks. 

Oregon needs to deliver roughly 5.8 million vaccine doses to 2.9 million Oregonians to reach herd immunity in our state. This is a big job, and no one organization can do it alone.

Gov. Kate Brown’s office, the Oregon Health Authority, county officials, health care systems and many others are working together to reach herd immunity as quickly and safely as possible.   

Learn more about vaccines, eligibility and appointments

Volunteer Opportunities for OHSU Employees

If you are an OHSU employee, please use this link to sign up for volunteer shifts.

The interest form in the grey box is only for individuals who are not OHSU employees or OHSU students. 

We need volunteers who can provide vaccinations.

If you are qualified, please let us know. 

At this time, we are not accepting new volunteers for other roles. Please check back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We aren’t accepting new applications right now. Thank you for your support and be sure to check back to this site for updates.

Once we do reopen the application process, this is what you can expect if you apply:

  • The OHSU Visitors and Volunteers team will process your information and send you an email on next steps. Depending on your role, you may have training or move straight to a background check. 
  • Once your background check is complete, usually in 10-14 business days, you'll receive access to the schedule so you can sign up for a volunteer shift.

If you select a role and no slots show up, it means that these roles at that location have already been filled. Shifts are posted Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and fill quickly. Additional shifts tend to become available on Fridays.  Please keep checking back.

OHSU must wait to post shifts until we hear confirmation on how many appointments will be available for each day of the clinic. Please continue to check the schedules as shifts are posted as soon as we have them. In addition, sometimes volunteers need to cancel their shifts, which puts that slot back on the schedule.

Remember, if you are signing up to support with Epic (Registration/check-in) you will want to select the “PAS” role option.

Because OHSU volunteers work with the public, the background check is an important step. This will not include credit reports, but will search:

  • County court criminal records
  • Federal criminal records
  • National alias, criminal records and sex offender locator
  • OHSU Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Records Management System

We ask that you volunteer only if you can commit to at least three shifts. That will help us have a more stable and experienced clinic staff, and will help OHSU best serve both patients and volunteers.

OHSU emails can get sent to a spam folder. If you haven’t heard for 24 hours, please email Please note that we may take up to three business days to respond.

Please review the OHSU Vaccination Site Shift Sign Up Instructions or email and we’ll help you troubleshoot.

No, you can volunteer at the clinics before you receive your vaccinations as we continue to practice many proven safety protocols. However, there may be an opportunity to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you volunteer, during or after your volunteer shift.  

Please note that there is no option to be vaccinated prior to your volunteer shift, as it is not required to be vaccinated in order to volunteer.