Offsite work and education is an increasingly common and effective option for many people to maintain a healthy balance of work and life. Some work offsite full time while others telecommute as little as a day a month.

From OHSU's teleworking policy: OHSU recognizes teleworking as a work arrangement that may be used to enhance productivity, recruit and retain a diverse and talented workforce, reduce costs, and address traffic congestion, parking constrictions and broader environmental interests. 

Getting started

Review the guidelines with your manager and complete the approval form.


Equipment needs vary according to the work being performed.

Essential equipment typically includes:

  • Internet service (must meet minimum IT requirements)
  • Computer
  • Phone (cell, VPN and/or landline)
  • Software

Additional equipment may include:

  • Furniture
  • Headset
  • Additional monitors
  • Office stationary

Work spaces outside the home

The Portland region has countless places that can provide a productive work space, provided the environment, internet and cellular access and equipment comply with OHSU and department policies.

OHSU Library

Explore the OHSU Libary's online resources at

Public Libraries

Staying engaged

You can interact with the OHSU community and stay up to date on your workplace through