Remote and hybrid work

OHSU recognizes that an empowered workforce and healthy organizational culture go hand in hand. Workplace flexibility supports many of OHSU’s strategic initiatives and creates a desirable place to work, helping attract, retain and sustain a healthy workforce. 

Flexibility includes remote and hybrid work, alternate schedules and other ways of working that allow employees the freedom to be effective both in their career and personal life.      

Visit the Flexible Work site on O2 to read the Guiding Principles for Flexible Work and Adopt a Flexible Schedule page for more information.  

Getting started

Current employees should visit the Flexible and Telework site for links to resources such as the Telework Position Assessment form, the Work-Life Preferences Worksheet and the Flexible Work Arrangement Form.


While equipment needs vary according to the work being performed, all employees who work remotely are expected to have sufficient internet service to connect to OHSU resources and to attend meetings remotely. OHSU will provide employees with a standard computer with standard software like Webex and Teams, headset, wireless keyboard and mouse, webcam (if your computers doesn’t have one built in) and a monitor.

Visit the Working Remotely page on the Flexible and Telework site for links to set up your home office, access your work remotely, clock your time, keep data secure and stay healthy and productive.

Staying engaged

You can interact with the OHSU community and stay up to date on your workplace through

Digital tools

OHSU has numerous tools that can be accessed remotely. Accessing some systems outside of OHSU's secure network will require registering your devices with Duo Mobile. For more information, see the Teaming Remotely page on the Flexible and Telework site.

Directory of digital tools

Common digital resources:

Log telework days. Earn rewards.
Email and calendar.

Microsoft Teams:
Virtual meetings and collaboration.

Virtual meetings

Share, edit and access files.
Collaborative site.

Online trainings.

Academic platform.

OHSU directory.​​​