Sacha Laboratory

Welcome to the Sacha Laboratory, located in the Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute and Oregon National Primate Research Center at the Oregon Health & Science University. We are a dedicated team of scientists working towards ameliorating human suffering by solving the AIDS epidemic and improving clinical care.

With more than 20 million dead and greater than 30 million currently infected with HIV, development of a prophylactic HIV vaccine is a top global health priority.  However, despite 30 years of intense research there is no vaccine.  The enormous sequence diversity of HIV remains one of the top challenges to be overcome in developing an effective prophylactic vaccine (see illustration below).  My laboratory aims to determine which antigens should be targeted to overcome the formidable obstacle of HIV viral sequence diversity.  Thus, we are actively exploring four distinct, but related areas of immunity to highly variable pathogens such as HIV.

0-10-1 Influenza-Diversity
An illustrative example of the extreme diversity of HIV versus influenza, which demonstrates the need for new vaccine approaches. From Korber et al., British Medical Bulletin, 2001.

The genome of every human being contains endogenous retroviruses (ERVs), which are the genetic fossil remains of ancient retroviral infections that integrated into germ line cells.  Although normally quiescent, ERVs are active and targeted by the immune response during infection with pathogens such as HIV and in disease states like cancer. Because ERV-specific immune responses arise only during pathological processes, they may represent an alternate, stable target for vaccine-induced immunity.  We are exploring the role of ERVs in immunity to disease to understand how to exploit these germ-line sequences for protecting the host from viral infection and disease.

An endogenous retrovirus genome is pictured.  These proviruses are present in the germ line DNA of all mammals, accounting for an astounding 8% of the human genome.  Some of the proviruses are still able to produce proteins, raising the possibility that they be targeted by the immune system during pathological processes.


The durable HIV functional cure of Timothy Brown (aka "The Berlin Patient") and the transient HIV remission observed in the Boston Patients indicate that stem cell transplants may be able to deplete HIV reservoirs and control HIV replication. Graft-versus-host disease (GvHD) is a common side effect of stem cell transplants and such immunity may be responsible for the remarkable lack of HIV seen in these transplant recipients. To determine how GvHD impacts HIV, we have established a physiologically relevant model of allogeneic stem cell transplantation and are actively studying GvHD as a means to attack HIV. These studies will also help improve cancer therapy by determining how to maintain the positive effect of graft-versus-tumor immunity while minimizing the unwanted effects of GvHD.

The number of stem cell (bone marrow) transplant procedures increases each year. Our model will also help improve quality of living of patients undergoing stem cell transplants by reducing GvHD while maintianing the protective graft-versus-tumor effect.

Sequence diversity

Viral sequence diversity is the Achilles’ heel of traditional vaccine approaches and poses one of the greatest hurdles to vaccine development.  New, unconventional vaccine modalities are desperately needed to overcome this formidable obstacle.  We are currently designing and testing novel approaches to solve the problem of viral sequence diversity.  An example of one approach is shown below.

An example of an alternate target for vaccination: HIV-induced degradation of the innate antiviral APOBEC protein. (A) HIV infectes a target cell and (B) produces the Vif protein. (C) Vif targets APOBEC to the proteasome for destruction. However, because proteasomal degradation generates CD8+ T cell epitopes, (D) HIV-infected cells are marked by a significant increase in MHC-I bound APOBEC-derived CD8+ T cells. A vaccine targeting this could theoretically defeat the sequence diversity of HIV.


Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I alleles are the most diverse loci in the human population. Indeed, over 8,500 MHC-I alleles exist. In contrast, only two HLA-E molecules exist, raising the possibility of a truly universal vaccine, with which every vaccinated individual would mount identical HLA-E restricted CD8+ T cell responses. We are actively investigating the novel characteristics of MHC-E to understand how to mobilize this remarkable immune molecule for vaccines against variable pathogens.

A schematic of the HLA-E molecule. MHC-E is highly monomorphic and expressed in nearly every nucleated cell in the body. Although MHC-E has been traditionally viewed as negative receptor for innate NK cells, we have found that MHC-E also possess a previously underappreciated ability to bind diverse peptide for presentation to CD8+ T cells in adaptive immunity.

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Recent News

  • The Sacha Laboratory published a manuscript in Cell Host & Microbe on defining the cross species requirements of CMV vaccine vector priming of unconventionally MHC-restricted CD8+ T cells.

  • Joseph Hwang gave an invited seminar at the 39th Annual Symposium on NHP Models for AIDS on a CMV based vaccine for influenza. (And did a great job, well done Joseph!)

  • Dr. Sacha gave an invited seminar on a new approach for universal influenza vaccines at the Options for the Control of Influenza Symposium in Belfast, Ireland.

  • The Sacha Laboratory receives an NIH R01 to generate one-time gene therapy injection to treat HIV for life.

  • The Sacha Laboratory published a manuscript in Nature Communications describing the achievement of chronic HBV infection of rhesus macaques.