Sexual Health Certification Program

The Sexual Health Certification program is a three-tiered training program designed to train professionals, as well as self-advocates, parents, and others who provide support, to promote healthy sexuality and relationships for people with disabilities. The goal of this program is to build capacity across Oregon for communities to respond to issues in positive and supportive ways, and encourage healthy sexual expression. This program is provided in partnership with Among Friends.

Tier 1: Foundations of Sexual Health

This two-day training provides participants a broad set of tools to help understand and support the sexual health and development of people they support. These tools are beneficial for anyone, and especially helpful for people who work with someone who experiences an intellectual or developmental disability. Over this two-day training participants will:

  • Understand sexuality and how it impacts behavior
  • Recognize healthy sexual behaviors and how to respond to unhealthy behaviors
  • Understand trauma and how it impacts sexuality
  • Learn a framework for balancing risks, choice, and decision-making

Tier 2: Becoming a Sexual Health Advocate

Participants will be part of a six-month online learning community where they will continue to strengthen their skills in supporting and advocating for sexual health and healthy relationships. Successful completion of Tier 1 is required. To complete Tier 2, each participant must:

  • Participate in six monthly cohort calls and two project mentorship calls
  • Develop a tool or resource that supports sexual health and/or healthy relationships
  • View and discuss with your cohort two to three hours of pre-recorded continuing education webinars
  • Develop and implement and sexual health advocacy plan

Tier 3: Train-the-Trainer

The Foundations of Sexual Health (FOSH) Train-the-Trainer workshop will train participants to facilitate the Foundations of Sexual Health training. This one-day workshop will offer deeper learning in certain FOSH concepts, teach facilitation skills, and provide opportunities for participants to practice teaching FOSH concepts. Successful completion of Tier 1 and 2 is required.