Trauma Center Annual Report

Transforming trauma care

Oregon Health & Science University is a Level 1 trauma center in Portland, Oregon, providing tertiary trauma care for the Pacific Northwest. Designated in 1988 by the Oregon trauma systems section of the Department of Human Services, OHSU has a long history of commitment to the care of injured patients, the training residents, and to research. In 2012, OHSU received a three year verification by the American College of Surgeons.

OHSU is able to meet its obligations as a Level 1 trauma center through the skill and expertise of our surgeons, residents nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and ancillary staff. The multidisciplinary teamwork found within OHSU is the overarching factor that leads to successful treatment of seriously injured patients. The resources invested in our program by hospital administration, the expertise and time contributed by our medical school faculty, and the dedication of our health care specialists all result in a broadly based commitment to transforming trauma care.

2020 Annual trauma report


  • Patient Care: The Trauma Service at OHSU treated 3,150 patients in 2020, a 4% increase in volume.
  • Injury:  Same level falls were the most common injury case for all patients at 22% of the patient population.
  • Age:  The volume of elderly patients rose 5.6% from 2019.
  • Army Civilian (AMCT3): First military civilian collaboration established by the office of the surgeon general on the west coast.
  • Research and Funding: The Trauma Laboratory had another productive year, publishing 56 research papers and receiving $2.3 million in funding for the year.
  • Trunkey Center: Seminars to connect the schools at OHSU, involved with care.