Responding to a Disclosure of Misconduct

Options for Reporting the Incident

If someone tells you about experiencing sexual misconduct of any kind, your caring response can help the healing process.

Encourage them to report allegations of sexual misconduct to OHSU’s Title IX Coordinator, Laura Stadum, at 503-494-0258, or . The Title IX Coordinator is not a confidential resource but can direct people to on-campus resources and off-campus confidential resources, as well as to other resources, including how to obtain a protection order  and how you can help a friend. If confidentiality is requested, the Title IX Coordinator will make every reasonable effort to preserve an individual’s privacy and protect the confidentiality of information. However, without full information and participation, OHSU may be limited in pursuing disciplinary or other appropriate remedial action. Let them know of their right to counseling services (JBT or Employee Assistance Program), and that they can talk to AAEO about academic or other support options

Let them know of their right to report to law enforcement. In the case of immediate threat of violence first contact the OHSU Department of Public Safety at 503-494-4444 (emergencies) or 503-494-7744 (non-emergency dispatch). 

Supporting One Who Has Experienced Misconduct

  • If the person wants to talk about their experience:
    • Listen and acknowledge what they are sharing with you.
    • Reserve judgment and do not make light of the situation.
    • Ask how best you can support them. Let them know that they have options (reporting, talking with a confidential advocate, interim supportive measures, no-contact orders).
    • Do not attempt to investigate or resolve the situation on your own. Instead, ask questions to determine current safety (“Do you feel safe now?”) and offer assistance (“Is there anything I can help you with?”).
    • Never tell the complainant to ignore the behavior.
    • Thank them for sharing with you.
  • Keep the information confidential.

Confidentiality protects the interests of the alleged respondent, the person making the report, and protects you from responding to a complaint of retaliation.

Learn More about Resources, including On-Campus Resources, Off-Campus Resources, Protection Orders, and more suggestions on How to Help a Friend.