Technology Pipeline

OHSU Technology Transfer currently manages hundreds of active licenses. The Technology Pipeline below illustrates a number of licensed OHSU technologies currently in product development or on the market.

Therapeutics Pipeline

Pre-Clinical Clinical Market
Gleevec® for treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumor
Multipotent progenitor cells to treat immune dysfunction
Poly-ICLC for treatment of cytotoxic insults
Sobetirome for treatment of neurodegenerative disease
Sodium thiosulfate for chemoprotection
AAV vaccine vector for gene therapy
Anti-inflammatory compound
Aptamer-SiRNA Chimera for treatment of psoriasis
Aryl piperidinequinazolinones for treatment of drug addiction
CMV vaccine vector for disease treatment
Dengue virus vaccine
DNA repair enzymes for treatment of skin cancer
Endochin-like quinolones for treatment of parasitic infections
Fertility method
Gene correction
Immunotherapeutic treatment using nanoparticle platform
Inhibitors of cancer-mediated bone destruction
Inhibitors of PARPs that catalyze mono-ADP-ribosylation
Inhibitors of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore
Leucine zipper-TRAIL fusion constructs as anti-tumor agents
Melatonin to adjust sleep cycle
Method to minimize residual disease and relapse in cancer
Nanoparticle platform for siRNA delivery to solid tumors
Napthphamides for treatment of cancer
Novel antibodies for detection and treatment of cancer
Peptide for hearing
Peptide for sepsis
Piperine vitiligo and melanoma
Protein for skin
Pyrroloquinazolines for treatment of breast cancer
Quinolines for treament of parasitic infections
siRNA for treatment of dengue virus
Small molecule agonist of STING pathway
SOX9 Protein for cartilage regeneration
Therapeutic co-delivery using nanoparticle platform
Use of microRNA inhibitors to enhance radiotherapy efficacy
Vaccine for treatment of tuberculosis

Diagnostic Pipeline

Pre-Clinical Clinical Market
Questionnaire for facial pain
Visual field modeling and analysis
Adipose-specific fluorescent dyes for in vivo imaging
Automated detection of melanoma
Automatic non-invasive assessment of skin
Biomarkers identifying treatments in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Biomarkers predicting venetoclax sensitivity
Cell fusions for cancer prognosis and diagnosis
Combinations of targeted agents for hematologic malignancies
Diabetes algorithm
Dye-enhanced multimodal confocal imaging
Formulation strategies for administration of nerve-specific dyes
Labor prediction
Mass transcription factor analysis
Novel fluorescent dyes for in vivo nerve-specific imaging
Optical fiber spectroscopy device
RNA biomarkers for predicting radiotherapy effectiveness
Second generation dyes for in vivo nerve-specific imaging
Sirolimus-eluting cuff

Device Pipeline

Pre-Clinical Clinical Market
Endoscopy reporting
Inner ear test
OCT angiography
Smartphone diagnostic
Stroke rehab system
Breast cancer MRI
Healthcare software
OCT angiography
Speech recognition software for autism diagnosis
Apnea prevention device
Automated detection and counting of biomolecules using nanoparticles
Bulk motion subtraction in OCT-A
Cardiovascular stent
Cardiovascular stent delivery
Cardiovascular valve
CNV detection for OCT angiography
Deep learning vascular area on OCT -A
Method for OCT angiography
MRI motion artifact reduction
Prostate biopsy device
QD molecular assay for personalized oncoprotein detection in leukemia
Registration, montage for wide-field OCT-A
Reflectance-based projection-resolved OCT-A
Shadowgraphic flow projection removal
Smartphone far-point refraction
Software for deep-learning inference of histopathology biomarkers
Ultrasensitive detection of proteins in cells

Non-Clinical Pipeline

Pre-Market Market
Anonymized prostate MRI image sets
Antibody against (hSERT) 8B6
Antibody for human Va7.2 T cell receptor
Antibody for sodium channel
Antibody form HICO-3B3
Bacterial artificial chromosome clone
BaF3 cell lines
Balance evaluation systems test: BESTest
BB19 cell Line
CBP expression vector
Cell lines expressing receptor SSTR1
Community ability scale
Continuous monitoring of objective quality of life functions
Copyright tagline
CORI endoscopy procedure software
D2 dopamine receptor
Dangerous decibels
Dataset - parkinsonism, chest-mounted sensor
De-identified amyloidosis diagnostic test data
Dermatology curriculum
Full text to speech with OGIResLPC
Furin endoprotease Inhibiting reagents
Health outcomes and care data base
HeLa cell line clones
Human antibody
Human cytomegalovirus strains
Incremental speech recognition for dialog systems
Knock-out mice
MIC1-1C3 antibody
Monoclonal antibody supernatants
Mouse model
Neurology Illustration
OC2-2F3 antibody
OC2-3C7 antibody
Part of speech tagger
Passively cooled, dome-shaped data center
Polyclonal antibodies - tumorigenesis
Python WORLD cocoder
Rabbit polyclonal antibodies against human CMV
Rabbit polyclonal antibody
Real-space refinement of macromolecular structures
ReBEL software
Reduced-dimension data assimilation (RDDA)
SCCM virtual skill station
Solid tissue samples for research purposes
Sound identification tutor
Speech synthesis
Synthetic dark frame computation
The Pacific Northwest anti-Inflammatory reference cookbook
TimeView, a python-based signal viewer application
Tissue samples for research
Transgenic mice
Twiticher mice model
Veteran supportive supervisor training materials
Voice transformation
Antibodies to human gall bladder cells
Antibodies to intestinal stem cell populations
Antibodies to the human CD46 cytoplasmic tails Cyt1 and Cyt2
Antibody for the isolation of live mouse pancreatic acinar cells
Artificial pancreas apps
Automatic nuclei segmentation in histopathology images
Bone marrow-on-a-chip
Diabetes clinical app
Multispectral superresolution microscopy
Peptide tags for high resolution microscopy
Position tracking and mobility assessment system
Tinnitus test

* OHSU Technology Transfer pipelines last updated Oct. 28, 2019.