Steps to Commercialization

OHSU Technology Transfer works to commercialize inventions developed at OHSU. We provide feedback throughout the process to keep the inventors well informed on the invention's commercialization progress. Input from the inventor(s) during the commercialization process is also key to successful outcomes. Please follow the links below to learn more about the typical steps taken to commercialize OHSU inventions.

Disclose your invention
Step 1: Disclose the invention

Evaluate the opportunity
Step 2: Evaluate the opportunity

Protect the intellectual property
Step 3: Intellectual Property Protection
Seek commercial partners
Step 4: Seek commercial partners
Evaluate the license
Step 5: Execute the License
Collect net royalty income
Step 6: Receive net royalty income

OHSU Technology Transfer strives to bring OHSU technologies to market, but unfortunately not every invention is suited for commercialization. Therefore, technologies may be inactivated and no longer pursued at various stages in the commercialization process. The Technology Development Manager will keep the inventors well informed of the invention's progress throughout the process. 

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OHSU Technology Transfer Express Option Agreement for OHSU Startups

Newly formed OHSU startup companies may elect to utilize the OHSU Technology Transfer Express Exclusive Option Agreement which grants the company a time limited exclusive right to negotiate a license to a technology. The Express Exclusive Option Agreement is limited to startups that are formed with one or more OHSU employees or student founders and provides access to a low-cost, pre-approved non-negotiable Option Agreement that their company can quickly obtain to meet their immediate business needs.  The purpose of the Express Exclusive Option Agreement is to allow startups the opportunity to evaluate the technology, conduct market research, explore and secure management and seed funding prior to entering into a license agreement. This OHSU Express Option is just one step of the Commercialization Process at OHSU for launching new OHSU startups. To learn more about the OHSU startup support and other resources that support technology commercialization and startups, visit OHSU Technology Transfer Resources and OHSU Collaborations and Entrepreneurship New Ventures page.

Travel Award Program
OHSU Technology Transfer provides opportunities for researcher-entrepreneurs to attend presentations and meet with potential partners about their innovations. This funding mechanism provides up to $5,000 per project to cover expenses such as conference registration fees, hotel, airfare and per diem food costs.

Early-Stage Technology Award Program
OHSU Technology Transfer offers a technology development award to support promising early-stage technologies. This award of up to $10,000 will be given every other month to support further development of a recently disclosed technology. OHSU Technology Transfer will select the awardee based on novelty and market opportunity, as well as the initial data provided with the technology disclosure.

Biomedical Innovation Program (BIP)
The BIP, administered through the Oregon Clinical & Translational Research (OCTRI) at OHSU, helps to accelerate the delivery of healthcare technologies (devices, diagnostics, and software) from academia to the marketplace and thereby to improve human health. The program provides funding, mentoring, educational opportunities, and project management to help investigators achieve proof-of-concept and secure next stage funding.

BioScience Innovation Program (BSIP)
Oregon Health & Science University, with support from the OHSU Foundation, has developed the Bioscience Innovation Program (BSIP) to fund proof of concept, product development and testing. Through this fund the University will invest in viable technologies and research to achieve specific milestones needed for initial commercial investment. This commercial investment may come from a licensee, angel investor, or early stage venture capital fund.