Arvin Paranjpe, J.D., M.S.

Senior Technology Development Manager

Arvin Paranjpe, Senior Technology Development Manager

Arvin is a Senior Technology Development Manager and has worked within OHSU Technology Transfer for over five years. He is responsible for evaluating, protecting, managing, and licensing software and medical device technologies. Arvin has successfully negotiated license agreements with large medical device companies in the U.S. and abroad, medium-sized software and medical device companies in the U.S., and entrepreneurs in the Portland area.

He possesses over five years of experience in software product development. As a software consultant at Accenture, he analyzed business process problems and helped develop information technology solutions on behalf of Fortune 500 companies in the Electronics and High Tech industry in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. Arvin also founded Songbirder, a real estate software startup company in Portland that folded its operations in 2009.

Arvin earned his Juris Doctor degree from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis and is licensed to practice before the US Patent and Trademark Office as a registered Patent Agent. He received his Master's degree in Biotechnology from Johns Hopkins University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.