School of Nursing

SON Admissions Vision, Mission, and Values

Nursing students watching training

In conjunction with OHSU's definition of diversity, the Admission Vision, Mission, and Values statements for the School of Nursing acknowledge the strong commitment of the nursing faculty and administration to create a diverse and inclusive student body in all programs and across all campuses.  

    Admissions vision

    We envision a dynamic learning community made up of students and faculty with diverse perspectives and backgrounds in an academic environment that fosters the development of compassion, humanism, professionalism and cultural competence.

      Admissions mission

      To actively recruit and retain highly qualified and diverse students in all nursing programs and campuses. 

        Admissions values

        We value applicants who demonstrate:

        • Academic, professional, and/or leadership excellence that indicates a potential for success in the education program and in nursing practice, education and research. 
        • A vision, motivation and understanding of the nursing profession and the broad spectrum of nursing roles.   
        • Potential to enhance, broaden, and contribute a diverse perspective to the experiences of students and faculty in education, practice and research.