Gerontological Nursing Honors Program

Undergraduate Gerontological Nursing Honors

The final cohort of Gerontological Nursing Honors Program (GNHP) students graduated in 2019. The GNHP was designed for outstanding undergraduate nursing students to receive focused education, mentorship, and credits related to the care of older adults. This unique honors program helped students understand the complex care needs of our aging population and prepared students for taking the next step in their education through an in-depth focus in gerontological nursing.  

Over the course of The Hearst Foundations funded scholarship program, 36 students graduated with a Gerontological Nursing Honors designation on their transcripts and received a total of $79,000 in scholarships. These RNs represented all 5 OHSU SoN campuses and our virtual program. To learn more about the program please read our GNHP review.

About the program

Each student was assigned a faculty advisor who provided support related to clinical placements and guidance regarding gerontological practice issues. Students completed online modules on gerontological nursing that applied concepts from pathophysiology, pharmacology, chronic illness, acute care, and population nursing, in a variety of settings.  Additionally, students enrolled in the GNHP Honors Seminar where they explored evidence for best practice, completed a scholarly paper on a gerontological practice issue of their choice, and meet advanced practice gerontological nurses and scientists to help them develop their ideas. Students were expected to complete the bulk of their clinical assignments in settings where older adults receive nursing care or other services. Some examples of these settings included acute, critical, and emergency care, neighborhoods where older adults live, and assisted living.

For more information, contact Marilyn Sanguinetti, Hartford Center project administrator. 

Nurse listening to an elderly patient in bed
Caring for an older adult

Why gerontological nursing honors? This is what our graduates have to say:

 "I have learned some essential skills in researching a topic to find the best evidence available. [The course] helped me to understand the important details of research articles, e.g., understanding what makes an article be rated as "poor" or "high" quality, knowing how sample size affects quality rating, and appreciating what impact international studies has on recommendations for practice recommendations in the US." 2017 GNHP Graduate

 "The GNHP really pushed us to examine the quality of research and helped us distinguish what practices are actually supported by evidence and what are not. In nursing there is always new evidence and new practices emerging, and the program helped me learn to evaluate and analyze the evidence that may be brought into practice." 2016 GNHP Graduate

"The gerontology program has been so useful to my work as most of the patients are older adults. It was also useful in passing NCLEX because a lot of my questions were about dementia!" 2015 GNHP Graduate