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Compliance - Klamath Falls

Students are required to provide a number of documents prior to matriculation to help the institution prepare for your arrival and clinical settings. Please see the "compliance" section under the student section of the website. For some cases the required materials are location specific and in those cases we have identified additional information for your review below.

CPR Courses

All students must show evidence of current certification in CPR training for Health Care Providers certified by AHA (includes infant, child and adult). This regulation is required by all clinical agencies. All undergraduate nursing students are expected to maintain a current CPR certification. Classes that include the Automated External Defibrilator (AED) are optional.

Finding a CPR course can sometimes take up to six weeks, so we recommend students begin looking for a course now. We recommend that students look for a course that has a 2 year expiration date versus a one year expiration date.

Find a CPR course:

  • American Heart Association - Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers (card valid 2 years). Please contact your local chapter of the American Heart Association or check the American Heart Association CPR course finder web page for local AHA courses.
  • Sky Lakes Medical Center (AHA certified) - Pam Selby, 541 274-6235 Learning Resources for class information.
  • For Private Individuals (AHA certified) - Jennifer Bavarskas, 541 885-1806.

Find a  CPR class near you

Other requirements

We require current TB testing and Hepatitis B testing.