School of Nursing

Compliance - Klamath Falls

Students are required to provide a number of documents prior to matriculation to help the institution prepare for your arrival and clinical settings. Please see the "compliance" section under the student section of the website. For some cases the required materials are location specific and in those cases we have identified additional information for your review below.

CPR Courses

New undergraduate students at the Klamath Falls campus are no longer required to get their CPR/BLS certification before starting their program. New undergraduate nursing students will get their CPR/BLS certification in one of the nursing courses starting their first term in the program. All nursing students are expected to maintain and show evidence of a CPR certification while in their program. Certification must be at the BLS Healthcare Provider level and must be obtained through the American Heart Association, only. 

Other requirements:

We require TB testing as well as annually. We also require proof of Hepatitis B testing.