Research Participants

We are not currently recruiting for any studies.

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The TRAC Lab occasionally enrolls youth from the community to help us improve health programming for adolescents and young adults, but we are not currently recruiting for any research studies. 

For links to other research participation opportunities, check out our Research page and Resources and Links page for information about projects in collaborating labs!

Participation and eligibility

When we have ongoing studies that are enrolling new participants, we generally recruit adolescents and young adults. Our studies that utilize [noninvasive] MRI to learn about the brain's role in behavior additionally require that participants are right-handed, and have no unremovable metal on or in their body (e.g., braces, permanent retainers, metal from a surgery or accident).

We are not recruiting participants at this time, but if our projects generally sound like they might be a good fit, you are welcome to call or text with questions about upcoming studies.

Text us at 503-348-1027, or call us at 503 494-6182 if you would like to learn more. 

Leave a message if we miss you and we will call you back as soon as we can.