Journal articles

You can view Dr. Feldstein Ewing's publications online at PubMed, click here.

Official reports

Explore the National Academies of Sciences report examining the state of the research on marijuana from 1999 - 2016, click here. Dr. Feldstein Ewing was part of the workgroup that compiled this report to summarize current knowledge for providers and researchers, and to highlight future research directions to better understand the applications and effects of marijuana use.

Special issues

NeuroImage Journal
  • Dr. Feldstein Ewing and Dr. Angela Bryan are editors of the May 2018 Special Section of Annals of Behavioral Medicine, titled Sex and the Brain: Empirical Intersection of Neurocognition and Sexual Behavior. Click here
  • Dr. Feldstein Ewing is one of the editors for a May 2017 Special Issue of NeuroImage. Click here.
Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Journal
  •  The December 2015 Special Issue of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience is now available!  Learn more about what scientists know about substance use and the adolescent brain from neuroimaging technology.
  • Read the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) announcement of the 2013 Special Issue of Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, click here. The Special Issue was co-edited by Dr. Feldstein Ewing, and covers topics at the intersection of neuroscience and addiction treatment research.


Neuroimaging and Psychosocial Addiction Treatmen Book Cover

Neuroimaging and Psychosocial Addiction Treatment: An Integrative Guide for Researchers and Clinicians, by Dr. Feldstein Ewing and colleagues Drs. Witkiewitz and Filbey, was just released this year. Learn more here.

You can also read interviews with Dr. Feldstein Ewing in Anne Fletcher's Inside Rehab (click here)and Reva Seth's The MomShift (click here).