Lab Volunteers

What do our volunteers do?

TRAC Lab depends on volunteers to help keep our projects going. We do our best to assign volunteers to activities most reflective of lab needs and volunteer interests. Some examples of volunteer duties include:

  • Assisting with participant recruitment
  • Administrative duties
  • Data entry and data cleaning
  • Preprocessing of neuroimaging data
  • Assisting with participant visits, including helping with MRI scans
  • Helping at community outreach, education, and recruitment events

How do I get involved?

All OHSU volunteers are required to complete a background check, in-person orientation, and online trainings relevant to working in a human subjects research setting.

Potential volunteers should have undergraduate-level (or above) experience in psychology or a related field.

Due to the level of training and responsibility required to contribute to the TRAC Lab, we ask that our volunteers commit to working on our projects for a specified number of hours per week over an agreed-upon period of time. Typical time commitments range from 6-10 hrs/wk for a minimum period of one year. If you already have, or are planning to pursue, a paid OHSU research position, this may limit your volunteering options in the TRAC Lab (per OHSU policy).

If you are interested in volunteering, please email the TRAC Lab with a description of your interests and qualifications, and an updated CV. Our staff will let you know if the lab is currently interviewing for volunteer openings, and are happy to answer any questions you have about getting involved.