Merz Lab

Brandon Merz, M.S., DABR

Brandon Merz, M.S., DABR is an assistant professor of radiation medicine. He received his master’s degree in Therapy Medical Physics from the University of Toledo. In addition to working in an academic medical center environment, he has also gained global experience while working in the radiotherapy software industry. He is passionate about creating ecosystems where people can reach their full potential while solving problems that matter.

Applied Mathematics & Computation

  • Designing toolkits for visualization and quantification of complex interfaces and the effects of discretization on the radiotherapy process
  • Machine Learning for online scenario validation
  • Dose calculation algorithms and optimization

Digital Communications

Creating narratives to establish new pathways for inclusion in the education and problem solving space of healthcare. Cancer is a society wide problem that is best addressed using collective experiences, insights, and skill sets. Removing barriers to people engaging in this process in personally meaningful ways is an often overlooked opportunity. Many paradigms and technological platforms have yet to be fully exploited in healthcare.