Brody Lab

Ross Brody PhD

Ross Brody, Ph.D. is a faculty physicist with the Department of Radiation Medicine. He received a bachelor's degree in physics at Oregon State University and doctorate in physics at the University of Maine. Prior to entering the field of medical physics, Ross spent three years as a Visiting Assistant Professor of physics at Willamette University. He is actively involved in clinical operations and development, teaching, and collaborative projects with vendors.

Clinical Interests

  • Optimized QA procedures
  • Phantom design and development
  • Stereotactic RT
  • Intraoperative RT
  • RT of benign conditions

Academic Interests

Having taught at multiple institutions and being a lifelong student, Dr. Brody is always striving to find the best ways to tailor curricula. He is developing a novel approach to medical physics curriculum that merges the fields of diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, and nuclear medicine by teaching to the overlapping, fundamental concepts shared by each of these.

Research Interests:

  • AutoQA and automated linac beam tuning
  • Benign conditions treated by RT
  • Computational Radiobiology
  • Stochastic Processes and Brownian Motion

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