OHSU Department of Pathology Faculty

Department of Pathology, faculty group photo

Our faculty members are skilled pathologists and dedicated, enthusiastic teachers. Representing diverse experience and training from prestigious learning institutions across the country, our faculty offer expertise in organ transplant pathology, molecular diagnostics, neuropathology, cytopathology, hematopathology, gynecologic pathology, coagulation, immunohistochemistry, transfusion medicine, gastrointestinal pathology, renal pathology, soft tissue and bone pathology, and other subspecialties.

Our Faculty

Faculty Affiliates

La'Tonzia Adams, M.D. – Staff Pathologist, Microbiology, Portland VAMC
Darius K. Amjadi, M.D. J.D. – Acting Chief of Pathology and Lab Services, Portland VAMC
Anne Avery, M.D. – Hematopathologist, Kaiser Permanente Airport Way Laboratory
Bryan Cunningham, M.D. – Staff Pathologist, Portland VAMC
Olga Danilova, M.D., Ph.D. – Staff Pathologist, Portland VAMC
Eric Goranson, M.D. – Staff Pathologist, Portland VAMC
Michele Stauffenberg, M.D. – Oregon State Medical Examiner
Maylee Hsu, M.D. – Staff Pathologist, GI Pathology, Portland VAMC
F. James Kratochvil III, D.D.S. – Oral Pathologist, NW Oral Pathology
Nicky Leeborg, M.D. – Hematopathologist, Kaiser Permanente Airport Way Laboratory
Rebecca Millius, M.D. – Deputy State Medical Examiner
Cliff Nelson, M.D. – Deputy State Medical Examiner
John Paul Scopetta, M.D. – Staff Pathologist, Portland VAMC
Curtis Thomspon, M.D. – Dermatopathologist, CTA Lab
Kirsten Woolf, M.D. – Staff Pathologist, Cytopathology and Breast Pathology, Portland VAMC