Department of Neurological Surgery

Research Year (PGY5/6) Responsibilities

During the 5th or 6th year, a 12-month block is devoted to research experience. Often, this is a basic science laboratory experience involving an hypothesis-driven basic science research project or a clinical research project. The goal is to establish a foundation for an academic or other innovative neurosurgical career. Residents may pursue their work in an appropriately mentored environment in any OHSU science laboratory and residents are encouraged to look beyond the Department for projects most suitable for their intellectual and career interests if appropriate.

If a resident's focus is not in basic science research, there are also many opportunities for doing clinical research, quality improvement projects, or a combination of projects. Residents will present a proposal to the Program Director the fall prior (at least) to their research year that describes their goals and objectives for their research year. 

Residents continue to attend neurosurgical didactic conferences and other major Department events during their research. There is no call duty or vacation coverage during this year.

Educational Objectives:

  • To encourage research and academic achievement on a level with the excellence clinical training.
  • To develop career interests complementary to clinical training and qualifications for assumption of creative and leadership responsibilities along with complementary clinical interests and competency.

Beginning in 2020, we will be transitioning from a PGY6 research year to a PGY5 research year. This allows for the the PGY6 year to be a clinical/surgical year in preparation for the PGY7 chief year. The transition should be completed by academic year 2023-24.