Oregon Nutrition Day 2023

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"When is Food Medicine?"

This annual conference brings together health care providers, nutritionists, public health professionals and community-based organizations from around Oregon. The conference is meant to highlight Developmental Origins of Health and Disease-related research, current issues and programs, with an emphasis on how nutrition during the First 1,000 Days impacts lifelong chronic disease risk.

This year the theme of the conference is: 

"When is Food Medicine?"

Thursday, April 27

8:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m

Speakers this year will discuss nutrition’s role in gestational diabetes and heart disease, the role of gut microbiota, and nutrition among incarcerated women among many other topics. We will post a full list of speakers and topics here soon. Please join us for this important and informative event.

For any questions about the event please reach out to us through email at mooreinstitute@ohsu.edu.


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