Ontario Hub

Working toward food security

The Ontario hub community was established in 2018.

Hub Purpose statement: We believe that health is more than the absence of disease. We are committed to creating well-being through nutritious foods. We prioritize prevention for those most impacted by health disparities and chronic disease.

Goal:  All people in the Western Treasure Valley have access to what they need to enjoy a healthy and nutritious diet. We commit to 100 percent of community members being food secure by 2030. 

Campaign liaison: Lindsay Grosvenor, R.D., Valley Family Health Care, Ontario Health Center. 

In November 2019, Ontario went through a visioning and planning process to identify ways to end food insecurity in the Western Treasure Valley by 2030. The leadership team decided that integrating food security strategies within all new, affordable housing developments would be one way to help them achieve their goal. To do this, the leadership team has begun focusing on the following activities

  1. Informing two current proposals for public housing developments to better meet the needs of children and families through the inclusion of community kitchen space, gardening, childcare, public transportation access and environmental design considerations.
  2. Developing a deeper understanding of best practices for housing RFPs by establishing relationships with developers and city planners to impact future housing development. Leaders are continuing conversations with the Northwest Housing Alternatives to influence current development plans, and have convened a work group to explore a community kitchen project.

Hub updates:
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders held an emergency meeting to identify ways to meet the increased food insecurity needs across Ontario - and to broker resources, establish new partnerships, and improve service referral and communication. They are also in conversation with the Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance.

Emergency Food Distribution

In May, June and July of 2020, Ontario leaders distributed over 530 emergency food boxes containing fresh, frozen and dry foods. OHSU News published an article about their work, and NOC liaison Lindsay Grosvenor, R.D., appeared on OPB's Think Out Loud radio program.

Community leaders were inspired to hold two distribution events after they came together through the OHSU-sponsored Nutrition Oregon Campaign. (Photo courtesy Lindsay Grosvenor)