Klamath County Hub

Caring for new mothers and families

The Klamath County hub community was established in 2019.

Purpose statement:  We collaborate with all stakeholders that support, educate, and provide care for new mothers and families to improve their level of nutrition through outreach, education, and action.   

Goal:  We commit to Klamath County having the lowest rates of low birth weight babies in the state, decreasing the rate from eight percent to five percent - or lower - by 2030. 

Campaign liaison: Kelsey Mueller, Policy Manager, Healthy Klamath  

Hub updates:
In July 2020, Klamath hub leaders convened into small work groups and presented back out to the larger group. So far they have identified three main concepts to work towards:

  1. Convene organizations to support a community campaign centered on the importance of good nutrition.
  2. Develop unified data collection methods to be shared across health care providers, to assess barriers in accessing care and coordinating prenatal care and education. 
  3. Invest in community health workers and lay professionals that have training in Developmental Origins of Health and Disease and nutrition education at any site that engages with pregnant women.

The group plans to prioritize which concept to start with and begin developing action plans at their next meeting.

Mother lovingly holds her new baby close to her