Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance Hub

Twelve counties collaborate to meet local needs

In February 2020, the Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance (EOHLA) became the fourth Nutrition Oregon Campaign hub. This hub will work within the 12 counties of eastern Oregon covered by the Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization. Eastern Oregon hub leaders are refining and testing their goal statement, and have completed the first round of key sector leader interviews. The second round will broaden their reach to engage leaders at the intersection of food and housing.

In March 2020, EOHLA and partners pivoted their efforts to identify food-access needs in the region, through a survey of local community advisory councils (LCACs ) and regional partner agencies. EOHLA submitted a proposal to the Oregon Community Foundation for resources to meet emerging pandemic food needs by establishing a mutual aid network, funding veggie prescriptions and providing resources for Eastern Oregon regional LCACs.

EOHLA also launched the Eastern Oregon Mutual Aid Network website as part of a regional response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The website brings together local resources and support to community members and organizations for mutual benefit.  

Campaign liaisons:
John V. Adams, M.A., Executive Director, EOHLA
Meghan Chancey, M.P.H., Program Coordinator, EOHLA

The twelve counties that incorporate the Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance

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