Clatsop County Hub

Nutritious food for all

The Clatsop County hub community was established in 2019.

Purpose statement: Our collective desire is for our community to be thriving. By ensuring all people eat nutritious foods, we are investing in the physical and financial health of our families and communities by preventing complex and costly chronic diseases. We use an equity and trauma-informed lens in all we do to break the generational cycle that plagues kids and families. 

Goal: By 2031, all people in Clatsop County will be food-secure by having access to nutritious food. Through collaborations among multi-sectoral systems of care, we will create a culture that supports maternal and infant health. At the same time, we will ensure mothers and children have the resources and education necessary to access healthy and nutritious food for themselves and their families. 

Campaign liaisons:
Norma Hernandez, WIC Coordinator, Clatsop County 

Kayla Warner, R.D., Oregon State University Extension Service and SNAP-Ed Coordinator

Hub Updates:
In July 2020, hub leaders developed a causal map for food insecurity in the county, and continued preparing for key sector leader interviews.  

Woman looking at the horizon, holding a bucket of tomoatoes