Inpatient Services


At the OHSU Hospital, five general medicine ward teams accept and admit patients in a drip model, allowing more consistent care of patients over time (please see schedule FAQ).  Ward teams are composed of an intern, a resident, 1 medical student, a physician assistant student and an attending physician. There is a night float resident and intern on duty 6 nights a week. The attending physicians for the general medicine teams are full time faculty of the Department of Medicine, the majority of whom are full time hospitalists in the Division of Hospital Medicine and the Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics whose primary goal is to teach and encourage your growth as a clinician.

Faculty from the Pulmonary-Critical Care, respectively, serve as the attendings for these teams. Critical care fellows are present in the hospital 24/7 and provide assistance to the on-call teams and coverage of overflow patients.

Portland VA Medical Center

At the Portland VA Medical Center, five general medicine teams admit and accept patients in a drip model system similar to the University setting.  A night float team is available 6 nights of the week with the remaining night covered by a resident from the overnight team.  Attendings are full time faculty and include a mixture of hospitalist, general internal medicine and subspecialty faculty. We limit (cap) these teams to 16 patients. There is a combined team of 4 residents and 4 interns responsible for the combined MICU service.  Each team takes turns serving as the night team with day call staggered in a drip model.

Each ward and ICU team makes daily work rounds. Our faculty conducts attending rounds seven days per week. Residents on inpatient services are expected to attend the following teaching conferences:

  • Noon Report (formerly morning report) in their respective hospital (OHSU or VAMC)
  • Tuesday morning Medical Grand Rounds (OHSU)
  • Noon conferences (VAMC). 

At OHSU, ward teams review daily radiographic studies with faculty from the Department of Radiology in a teaching conference Monday through Friday.

The Department of Medicine and Residency Program are full committed and adherent to the ACGME work hour standards

Our call schedules optimize and, where possible, reduce transitions of care ("hand-offs"). The residents have a strong voice in helping us design and implement any needed change to the system. We continue to modify our rotations as needed to address any work hour issues that may arise.