Schedule of classes

Below are the Master of Science and Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management program courses offered during the current academic year, along with important dates. For full term dates and deadlines, see the 2018-2019 Academic Information on the OHSU Registrar's webpage. 

On the date registration opens for a term, course descriptions for each course will be linked below. Course descriptions contain faculty contact information, required textbooks, and face-to-face meeting room locations.

For The Healthcare MBA schedule information, please contact us.

Spring 2019

Registration begins February 18 | Classes begin April 1 | Classes end June 14

MGT 520 Becoming an Effective Manager (Cert./MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Friday 4/5 and Friday 6/7

MGT 537 Managing in the Real World (MS Elective)
Online only

MGT 554 Capstone Project in Healthcare (MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Friday 4/5 and Saturday 6/1

MGT 563 Regulation & Legislation in Healthcare (MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Saturday 4/6 and Saturday 6/8

MGT 572 Financial Management (MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Saturday 4/6 and Friday 5/31

Winter 2019

Registration begins November 26 | Classes begin January 7 | Classes end March 22

MGT 508 Ethics in Healthcare Organizations (MS Core)
Face-to-face date: Friday 1/18

MGT 518 Quality in Healthcare (MS Elective)
Face-to-face dates: Saturday 1/19 and Saturday 3/9

MGT 536 Career Conversations (MS Elective)
online only

MGT 553 Capstone Project in Healthcare (MS Core)
Face-to-face date: Friday 3/8

MGT 560 Organization, Financing, and History of Healthcare Delivery in the U.S. (Cert./MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Friday 1/11 and Friday 3/8

MGT 570 Operations Management (Cert./MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Saturday 1/12 and Saturday 3/9

Fall 2018

Registration begins August 13 | Classes begin September 24 |Classes end December 14

MGT 519 Project Management (Cert./MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Friday 9/28 and Saturday 12/1

MGT 522 Influencing Change in Organizations  (MS Elective)
Face-to-face dates: Saturday 9/29 and Saturday 12/1

MGT 535 Career Management (MS Elective)
Face-to-face dates: Saturday 9/29 and Saturday 12/1

MGT 561 Financial Accounting (Cert./MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Friday 9/28 and Friday 11/30

MGT 569 Healthcare Marketing (MS Core)
Face-to-face dates: Friday 9/28 and Friday 11/30

Problems registering?

If you have problems registering for class, please contact the OHSU Registrar's Office.

Phone: 503-494-7800