Customized Executive Education

The OHSU Division of Management's Customized Executive Education (CEE) suite provides tailored training, education, and leadership development for healthcare organizations, departments, and clinical practices. With a mission to develop passionate healthcare leaders who intend to evolve the healthcare industry, our CEE series are customized to meet the individual development needs of our clients. Participants experience personalized, relevant, and applicable sessions that help them become more effective leaders and decision-makers within their organization. Learn more about how CEE could help transform your organization.

General outcomes

Training and education outcomes are unique to each organization, and specific outcomes for each project are developed in collaboration with the sponsor. General outcomes are described below:

  1. Develop a deeper understanding of the organization's mission, vision, and values; understand the organization within the larger context of healthcare delivery.
  2. Evaluate current state, establish a vision for the future, and make recommendations to implement short- and long-term strategies set by the organization.
  3. Conduct leadership analysis of self, create and implement a personal leadership development plan.
  4. Develop managerial skills and leadership mindsets to effectively lead an organization toward a collective vision.

Curriculum overview

The curriculum may include all, or a combination of any of these four areas: operations & quality, finance, market strategy, and leadership & culture. Themes of communication, ethics, and inclusion span all areas. Specific content and structure of offerings are designed to meet the unique needs of the organization.

Key curriculum elements

Rooted in adult learning and development theory, the curriculum is designed to be immediately applicable, develop a reflective practice, and further the strategic goals of the organization. Key elements of the curriculum drive this design:

  1. Project-focused: allows integration of concepts and leadership development
  2. Dual mentoring: organizational mentor and coaching through the Division of Management
  3. Sponsor customization: objectives aligned with organization's competencies & values

Instructional elements

The Division of Management works closely with organizations to select instructional elements based on the organization's need and budget. Sample elements are described below:

  1. Keynotes: organize events focused around faculty expertise or regional/national speakers
  2. Workshops: facilitate hands-on, interactive workshops to connect theory to application
  3. Projects: collaborate with sponsor to identify and scope projects that serve as opportunities for participants to stretch, address organizational needs, and anchor learning
  4. Coaching: offer individual and small group coaching for leadership development

Program evaluation

In the spirit of modeling continual improvement, program evaluation will occur throughout with summative evaluation at the end of the project. After each session, participants will provide feedback about their learning and how to make the sessions more productive. Should the engagement span multiple modules, the Division of Management team will meet with sponsors to debrief.


Costs vary and are negotiated based on the needs and budget of the client.


  • Bangkok Dusit Medical System, Group 5 (Thailand)
  • Bangkok Dusit Medical System, Bangkok Phuket Hospital (Thailand)
  • Oregon Anesthesiology Group
  • OHSU Division of Nursing
  • OHSU Department of Anesthesiology, GME
  • OHSU Division of Hematology & Oncology
  • Medical Society of Metropolitan Portland
  • Salem Hospital's Physician Leadership Institute
  • The Foundation for Medical Excellence
  • Oregon Translational Research &Development Institute

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