Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees

Information on the program's tuition and fees may be accessed through the Registrar's Office. Tuition is assessed on a per credit basis. Rates are calculated annually and are subject to change. 

Tuition estimate

The following is an example tuition estimate for a student in the Dietetic Internship Program using the rate of $750 per credit from the 2019-2020 Academic Year Fee Book. Credits listed are the minimum required; MSDI and DI students may take on more credits. For more information on costs, please see the GPHN Student Handbook for a more comprehensive breakdown of additional costs. Number of credits required for the program and rates for tuition and fees may change each year.

Term Credits Tuition University Fees Total
Summer 5 $3,750 $339 $4,089
Fall 10 $7,500 $572 $8,072
Winter 11.5 $8,625 $572 $9,197
Spring 12.5 $9,375 $572 $9,947
Total 39 $29,250 $2,055 $31,305*

*Estimate only. Actual amounts will vary and do not include one credit of IPE. This estimate does not include costs for major medical and dental insurance, housing, transportation, books, living expenses, or costs incurred as a part of supervised practice rotations.

Financial aid

All students enrolled in the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition (including the Dietetic Internship program) are eligible to apply for financial aid. More information and application details are available at the Office of Student Financial Aid website.

Application Process for 2019-2020 Financial Aid

Student debt counseling

Current and past students of OHSU have access to services through the Student Debt Counseling and Financial Management Program. By helping to mentor and educate students while they are attending OHSU, the Student Debt Management Program strives to help students create their own educational debt management plan so that they have a better understanding of their obligations and options after graduation. 


Students enrolled in the combined MSDI program and placed at the VA Portland Health Care System (VAPORHCS) for their primary placement site may receive a stipend for the first year of the program. The ability to offer the stipend is negotiated on an annual basis. Stipends are currently not available to students placed at any other supervised practice sites affiliated with the program.

Students enrolled in the Dietetic Internship program and placed in Bend or Medford for their supervised practice rotations will be granted a travel reimbursement. The amount of and the ability to offer the reimbursement stipend is determined on an annual basis by the GPHN Program Director and will be discussed with Bend or Medford-placed interns prior to and during GPHN's Orientation Week. 



Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

Be Midge's Hero Scholarship: This award is offered to select GPHN students who demonstrate evidence of a personal commitment to a plant-strong, whole foods-based lifestyle, and a sustained interest in promoting this lifestyle in future professional pursuits. Details on the scholarship and how to apply will be sent to current GPHN students while they are in the program. 

SOM Promising Scholar Award: These awards are made to outstanding students that show great potential to contribute to the intellectual richness and diversity of the OHSU student community. This award, $1000 to cover relocation expenses funded by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion and the OHSU School of Medicine, is for accepted MSDI or MS incoming students only and recipients must be nominated by the OHSU School of Medicine Graduate Studies Director. Number of awards given each year is limited. Make sure to visit and connect with the Center for Diversity and Inclusion prior to applying to one of our master's programs.