Program Cost, Scholarship Opportunities, and Financial Aid

Two wooden spoons, one full of grain and one nearly empty.

Estimated program cost

The following is an example tuition estimate for a student in the Food Systems and Society at the tuition rate of $708 per credit. Credits listed are the minimum required; some students may elect to take additional courses. This estimate does not include costs for intensive travel, major medical and dental insurance, books, living expenses, or other costs incurred while in graduate school.

Term Credits Tuition University Fees Total
Fall 1 9 $6,372 $357 $6,729
Winter 1 9 $6,372 $357 $6,729
Spring 1 9 $6,372 $357 $6,729
Fall 2 9 $6,372 $357 $6,729
Winter 2 9 $6,372 $357 $6,729
Spring 2 5 $3,540 $339 $3,879
Total 50 $35,400 $2,124 $37,524

Financial aid and scholarships

All students enrolled in the Food Systems and Society program are eligible to apply for financial aid. More information and application details are available at the Office of Student Financial Aid website.

Limited scholarships are available and may be offered to students who are accepted into the program

Other funding resources

Below is a sample of food systems-related scholarship opportunities.  We encourage prospective students to seek outside funding that may be relevant to their areas.