Community Outreach

Faculty and students of the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition participate in a variety of food and nutrition programs and events in the Portland metropolitan area, throughout Oregon, and in regional and international locations. Outreach opportunities include providing nutrition education classes to the general public and patients with chronic diseases, participating in health fairs and conferences, and helping underserved and disadvantaged groups through service learning experiences. We strongly believe in giving back to our community.

Area of concentration

In 2012, ACEND began requiring all dietetic internships to select a unique concentration that would enrich its curriculum and set it apart from other internship programs. The GPHN chose a concentration in Community Outreach because it directly reflects the mission of OHSU and inspires our students to build bridges between the classroom, clinic, and community. Our dietetic internship has a strong focus in clinical nutrition and provides a greater number of supervised practice hours in clinical nutrition than any other area of dietetic practice, which appeals to students seeking clinical nutrition knowledge and skills. With the addition of our concentration in Community Outreach, students are also able to enhance their skills in leadership, interdisciplinary teamwork, and communication while participating in a community-based program.

Our concentration in Community Outreach builds upon several of ACEND's required core competencies, as well as the following concentration-specific competencies:

  • Identify a specific community need(s) involving food and nutrition, set the goals and objectives, and integrate all required parties to carry out the project or activity.
  • Execute and then assess the effectiveness and impact of the community-focused project or activity.