Capstone Projects and Careers

Two wooden spoons, one full of grain and one nearly empty.

Capstone projects

The ideas and issues explored within the food systems program turn into incredible capstone projects that contribute knowledge about social justice in the food system and advance the knowledge, skills, and career paths of food system and society graduates.

Some example titles of student capstone work:

  • “Healthy Food on Wheels: An Exploration of Mobile Produce Markets through a Food Justice Lens” 
  • “Bean in Hand, Nickel in Pocket: The Social Experience and Political Economy of Senior Food Insecurity” 
  •  “Addressing Food Justice: Oregon Farm-to-School Program Implementation”
  •  “City Food, Social Problems: Roles of Urban Agriculture in the U.S.”
  • “The Cycle of Hunger: Are Gender Issues a Primary Cause?” 
  • “Food Justice and Prison Food Systems: Exploring the Potential for Reframing Prison Food from Punitive to Restorative” 
  • “A Seat at the Table: An Inquiry into the Treatment of Restaurant Workers and the ‘High Road’ Restaurant Movement”
  •  “More Than Your Nutrition 101: Exploring Systemic Causes of Childhood Obesity” 
  • “Through the Garden Gate: Examining ‘the Edible and the Equitable’ in Garden-Based Learning Programs” 


The M.S. in Food Systems & Society serves as a foundation to enhance your current career or to pursue new opportunities in this rapidly growing field. Every day, new policies are forming, businesses are launching, social movements are growing, and nonprofit organizations are expanding. Our graduates are well-positioned to work in the policy arena, create innovative enterprises, lead nonprofit organizations, become food writers, or work in existing food sector businesses.

The possibilities are infinite – here is small sample of the careers and job titles FSS graduates have pursued:

  • Policy & Communications Consultant at California Climate & Agriculture Network (CalCAN) 
  • Contractor, Agroecology Knowledge Hub, United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization 
  • Vice President, Sacramento Food Policy Council 
  • Director of Urban Food Environments. UC San Diego, Center for Community Health 
  • Research, Writing, and Communications Interns, Food Tank 
  • Operations Manager, Lettuce Grow Prison Garden Program at Growing Gardens 
  • Program Manager, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education 
  • Food Systems Education & Research Associate Specialist, Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, University of California, Santa Cruz 
  • Executive Director, Imperial Valley Food Bank 
  • Program Manager, Food Matters Manitoba, A Rocha Canada 
  • Program Manager, Sonoma County Master Gardeners & Community Food Systems, UC Cooperative Extension 
  • Program Coordinator, Food Systems Center, Pinellas Technical College 
  • Analyst, Legislative Policy and Research Office for the Oregon State Legislature 
  • Director of Business Development, Truitt Family Foods 
  • Business Advisor, Wallowa County Small Business Development Center 
  • Cooking Matters Program Assistant, New Hampshire Food Bank 
  • Community Coordinator, Central Coast School Food Alliance 
  • Instructor, Environmental Studies, Fort Lewis College