Classes taught by Monica Hinds

CONJ 670: Foundations of Measurement Science

Term: Fall
Credits: 4
Course Director: Monica Hinds, Ph.D.
Students will be taught the scientific basis for the state-of-the-art measurement instruments. For each instrument, this includes the underlying physics, the key assumptions, the hardware, and critical analyses of the data. Four instruments, including light microscopy, electron microscopy, MRI, and Parallel Sequencing will selected to demonstrate the principles of measurement science. This will involve 3 hours of lecture, and one hour of discussion of corresponding journal articles.

    BME 645: Biocompatibility: Host-Implant Interactions

    Credits: 3
    This course will provide students with a firm understanding of how biomaterials are developed; how the body reacts to implanted biomaterials at the cell, tissue, organ, and systemic levels; and how advanced imaging techniques are utilized to study host responses. Specific characteristics that hinder or improve the biocompatibility of materials will be addressed.

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