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ESETT Enrollment Video

Key Points to Enrollment

  • Is the patient in Established SE? (seizing 5+ mins, with adequate benzos on board)
    • Contact CRISP to assist you with enrollment!
  • Is the patient ESETT eligible?
    • Check Inclusion/Exclusion criteria (CRISP or Purple notebook)
  • Attending: Order ESETT medication.
    • Epic med order name: "ESETT"
  • Page study team: Enter an IP consult - other "ESETT"
  • ED Pharmacist grabs ESETT "Use Next" box from omnicell™
  • Estimate weight
  • Start 10 minute infusion via Alaris pump
    • Record infusion start AND end times!
  • 10 minutes AFTER infusion ENDS
    • Is the patient still seizing?
      • If yes, start Versed drip
    • What is their RASS score?
  • 60 minutes after infusion STARTED
    • Is the patient seizing, or did they seize again?
    • What is their RASS score?
  • Need to know what med you gave?
    • WAIT until 60 minutes to unblind please!
    • on iPod or call ESETT Hotline: 1-855-373-8874