Emergency Medicine

Pediatric EM group hosts pediatric EM physicians from Argentina to strengthen collaborative efforts

Dr. Sheridan and PEM Physicians from Argentina

Drs. Sheridan, Hansen and Newgard recently hosted a group of pediatric EM physicians from Garrahan children’s hospital in Argentina. The goal of the meetings are to strengthen collaborative efforts in the research and innovation space. The first step in doing this is the expansion of a clinical trial for pediatric hydration assessment, HydraSense, to their institution. “This expansion is very important for our overall collaboration as a building block for future work. It is vital for the HydraSense technology we are working on as we don’t see large numbers of significantly dehydrated patients in the US. However, at Garrahan this is a relatively common occurrence. By having a diverse population of hydration severities, it allows us to develop the test characteristics of our device in a robust manner. We are very excited,” says Dr. Sheridan. The initial trial is anticipated to run for 6 months with future projects currently being discussed.

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