Emergency Medicine International Visitors Observational Program

The International Visitors observational program provides training in leadership and core elements of Emergency Medicine to visiting international medical scholars and faculty.

Background and Goals

Emergency Medicine as practiced in North America is unique in its structure and function as a medical subspecialty. While many western European countries have highly developed emergency and pre-hospital care programs, the specialty and practice of Emergency Medicine remains limited. Additionally, in many areas of the world emergency medical services are non-existent. As highlighted by environmental disasters and major accidents, this lack of infrastructure can hamper medical efforts. As a result, many government and private international groups have expressed interest in the North American model of Emergency Medicine and pre-hospital care. With these needs in mind, we have developed the OHSU International Scholars Program.

This observational program is intended to provide training in leadership and core elements of Emergency Medicine to visiting international medical scholars and faculty. This experience is meant to complement additional initiatives within the DEM at OHSU including consultation for the development of international Emergency Medical Services systems and emergency medicine residency training programs, as well as international research activities.

As an observational design the program provides physicians from a variety of locations the ability to further their knowledge of the skills and resources required for development of EM in their home countries, but avoids the challenges associated with US-based medical training such as need for licensing, hospital privileges, and other employment paperwork. As such, participants are not directly involved with patient care, but rather can focus their learning on organizational, education and administrative aspects of the specialty as practiced in the US.


The Oregon Health & Science University International Visitors Program has been established for International Medical Scholars/Faculty who wish to experience the emergency medicine training program within the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) at OHSU. It is not intended for U.S. physicians-in-training. Additionally, as the trainee will not complete a full Emergency Medicine residency or participate in direct patient care, he/she will NOT be eligible for the American Board of Emergency Medicine examination upon completion of the training. Instead, the program will provide a solid foundation in those aspects of Emergency Medicine outlined to the left.