EMED 709J Emergency Medicine - Rogue Regional

Course Purpose Statement

A month at the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford offers students an excellent educational and clinical experience. We are a 50K visit/year community hospital, and act as the trauma referral center for a large swath of southern Oregon and northern California. Students here work directly with board certified ED attendings--there are no residents or other students to compete with. Our emphasis is on clinical learning: you'll get direct one-on-one lectures, see lots of patients, and get immediate feedback on presentation skills. We prefer students who are planning on a residency in Emergency Medicine--this will be a great rotation for you to broaden your horizons and to complement your academic center learning experience. Housing may be available, depending on the month. Please inquire.

For further information about the course, contact Emily Hauser, (503) 494-6993, or hauserem@ohsu.edu