Emergency Medicine

Drs. Deiorio and Newgard receive SAEM awards

Congratulations to Nicole Deiorio, M.D., and Craig Newgard, M.D., M.P.H, who were both honored with prestigious awards at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine's 2017 Annual Meeting.

Nicole Deiorio, M.D., was the recipient of the Hal Jayne Excellence in Education Award for her outstanding contributions to emergency medicine through the teaching of others and the improvement of pedagogy.

Craig Newgard, M.D., M.P.H., received the Excellence in Research Award, which recognized his outstanding contributions to emergency medicine through the creation and sharing of new knowledge. The two awards are complimentary to one another and represent the main pillars of SAEM.

Said Dr. Deiorio, "I'm so touched to receive this award, and the fact that I was nominated by my OHSU colleagues makes it even more flattering. I am grateful to be surrounded by such motivating people in our department who have encouraged me and collaborated with me on many, many education projects and roles."

Dr. Deiorio, Professor of Emergency Medicine, is the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education at OHSU, and has served as the Co-Director of the Emergency Medicine Education Section and the Director of Emergency Medicine Medical Student education. Her academic interests include education research, especially the residency selection process, and informed consent.

Dr. Newgard, also a Professor with the department, serves as the Director for the Center for Policy and Research in Emergency Medicine. His interests include EMS/out-of-hospital medicine, trauma, and advanced statistics.