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Dr. Esther Choo receives her first NIH R01 grant

The Emergency Medicine Department wants to recognize and celebrate Dr. Esther Choo on her first NIH R01. The project is “Implementation, Outcomes, and Cost of a Novel Medicaid Policy to Reduce Opioids for Back Pain”, funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). 

To become Principal Investigator on a federal R01 research grant is a major scientific achievement that takes years of persistence to reach, with few scientists reaching this mark. This is the NIH benchmark for an “independent investigator” and recognition that a scientist has proposed a highly rigorous project, along with the track record to successfully lead it (two very high bars to get over). Getting to this place requires intelligence, great ideas, training, tenacity, drive, excellent writing, and grit. To be the lead for a multi-million dollar NIH grant award is a true accomplishment. Congratulations and very well-deserved!

This link outlines the policy that Dr. Choo will be evaluating.


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