Emergency Medicine

Columbia Memorial Emergency Department/Urgent Care Mission

Columbia Memorial Hospital (CMH) Unit Based Council met recently for the first time to brainstormed about what CMH wanted their mission to be. As the services they provide overlap with their Urgent Care (UC), they were represented by one of the UC providers who also participated in the discussion.

CMH's Unit Based Council met at a venue co-owned by one of their retired nurses called Designing Health – a local wellness center that also features works by local artists. The concept of a tree with branches/roots was mentioned during the meeting – i.e., roots in the community, services ever-expanding, etc. One the RNs, Deanna Hogan, happened to have a print of a tree she made, as her art was being featured at Designing Health. This tree was her interpretation of an art lesson taught by Effy Wild (https://effywild.com/) in 2017. The lesson was one of many that made up “Life Book” (https://www.willowing.org/), a year-long art journaling course that Deanna have participated in since 2013. CMH's Unit Based Council thought key words that they identified could be inserted into branches. The interlocking trunks represent the partnership with OHSU.

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