MR Epilepsy/Seizure Brain WO Neuro Protocol - Ingenia

Last updated:3/21/2019
Charge as: Brain WO
Scanner preference: Ingenia Scanners Only: MR4, DMR2, BEAVERTON. 3T only. If patient has an implant unsafe for 3T, OK to scan on MR2 1.5T Ingenia. 
Coil: Head

Plane Weighting Mode Slice Gap FAT SAT FOV Notes
3D AXIAL SWI T1 FFE 2mm -1mm None 20cm Angle Parallel to temporal lobe. Ok to add slices.
AXIAL T2 TSE 3mm 1mm None 23cm Parallel to Temporal Lobe
AXIAL DWI 2mm Voxel SE EPI 3mm 0.3mm SPIR 23cm Angle to Corpus- Skull Base to Vertex
OBL COR T2 STIR TSE 2mm 0.2mm STIR 23cm Whole brain, perpendicular to temporal lobe
3d OBL COR Flair BrainView TSE IR - 0mm None 25cm Whole brain, perpendicular to temporal lobe. Ok to add slices.
SAG 3D T1 MPRAGE 3D TFE 1mm 1mm None 23cm Extend slice coverage 1-2 mm beyond the skin margin, not necessarily to cover the ears to ensure adequate signal on the AX and COR MPRs. AX MPR: 1.3 x 1.3OBL COR MPR: 1 x 1 perpendicular to temporal lobe
Optional: AX (GPI) MPRAGE 3D ISO ISO None Do not change Optional if requested: DO NOT ANGLE. Limited Coverage. Cover inferior aspect of temporal lobes to vertex. Scan time will be long (6-8 Minutes). Run on 3T scanners only.
MR Protocol Epilepsy Seizure Brain for Ingenia in Radiology