Computational Biology Program

How we work

Our team supports OHSU researchers with their discovery-based original research projects, by providing analytics and resources that assist with locating, processing and analyzing large amounts of data. In addition, the goal of the department is to build a program that promotes collaboration in and outside of the institution and breaks down the traditional silo's found in academia.

What we do

The team is available to assist with:

  • Creating re-runnable, best in class pipelines for processing common data types
  • Evaluate/leverage community standards for mature data types — DNA-seq, RNA-seq, expression, etc.
  • Develop/assess novel pipelines for emerging data types — e.g CyTof.
  • Establishing infrastructure for hosting and sharing well-curated data in standard formats that will allow for the integration with public data.
  • Build an "analysis ready" shared resource of high-value publicly available datasets.
  • Provide consulting services and "pre-award" basic bioinformatics support