Pediatric Psychosis Clinic

About us

The OHSU Pediatric Psychosis Clinic (PPC) located at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, provides consultation for young people (ages 4-18) and families who are at risk for psychosis or are experiencing challenges with psychotic symptoms. We offer consultation visits and provide feedback to empower young people, their families, and support treatment team members.

Our Services

PPC supports young people and families focusing on their unique histories, strengths and hopes for the future. Taking a developmentally informed approach, we strive to offer clear diagnosis, recommendations about evidence-based treatments, and education about the nature of psychosis that will empower individuals and families to achieve their goals. We see child onset schizophrenia, early onset schizophrenia and first episode psychosis

Where appropriate, we provide perspectives on diagnosis, additional assessments including neuroimaging or lab work, treatment blueprinting with a focus on evidence based psychotherapies and medication adjustment strategies, on-going assessment tools, and offer educational materials.

We invite individuals/families to complete three follow-up visits at 6, 12, and 18 months after their initial consultation; at present these visits conducted via secure, telehealth connections.

Once your appointment is scheduled:

  • Complete the CAP Intake Questionnaire which requests historical information and questions you may have.
  • Ask your treating licensed medical provider (Pediatrician, psychiatrist/nurse practitioner/other) to send us a summary of your care to this point and questions that they may have.

Please make sure we have any previous medical records which may include: 

  • MRI, EEG or any other brain scan reports
  •  Recent lab work or blood work results.
  • Ask your psychotherapist to send us a summary of your care to this point and questions that they may have.
  • If you/the young person you are supporting has received treatment inpatient or residential treatment outside of the OHSU/Legacy/Providence systems (Care Everywhere networked hospitals), please request that those records are sent to us.
  • If you or the young person you are supporting has an individualized education plan, please bring a copy of this to the consultation appointment.
  • if you or the young person you are supporting has had neuropsychological testing, please request that the report is sent to us.

If you would like to refer to us, please fax your referral order as well as most recent note to:

OHSU, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic

Fax: 503-418-5774

Our office will contact the patient, collect information to ensure we are the right choice for your patient, and schedule the patient's consult visits.

If you have questions about our services, or wish to speak to one of our clinical staff about your patient, please call our offices with your request.

Phone: 503-418-5775