Crisis and Transition Services

The Crisis and Transition Services (CATS) program provides short-term, intensive support to children and adolescents who have had a mental health crisis and presented to an emergency department or crisis center.  The program serves as a bridge from the crisis care setting to long-term outpatient supports.

CATS offers a variety of in-home and community-based services, including: individual and family therapy, family peer support, psychiatry, care coordination and 24/7 crisis support.

CATS is a state sponsored program, funded through Oregon Health Authority (OHA), with services  currently available in 12 counties throughout Oregon (CATS map).

CATS Model

Outcomes Study

In January 2018, the DAETA team began evaluating CATS programs throughout Oregon. Data is collected from CATS clinicians, family peer support specialists, and families. Since the outcomes study began,  CATS programs statewide have served over 1,900 youth and their families. Over 500 families have provided feedback, helping shape the CATS program and improve mental health care for youth in Oregon. 

Technical Assistance and Outreach

In addition to conducting the outcomes study, the DAETA team collaborates with the Oregon Health Authority and CATS service providers to develop strategies for program improvements.  The team provides technical assistance and support to statewide CATS partners through a statewide Learning Collaborative that encourages group sharing among providers on best practices, as well as individual site dialogues. The team also promotes system-wide improvements and improved access to quality crisis and transition support for all children and families in Oregon through outreach, publications and stakeholder engagement.