Chemical Biology and Physiology 2021

December 12 - 15, 2021 | Portland, Oregon, USA

The Chemical Biology and Physiology Conference 2021 is the third offering of a biennial international conference series focused on the growing intersection of Chemical Biology and Physiology.  The interaction of Chemical Biology and Physiology is based on the need for new tools that are applicable in complex systems and provides innovative opportunities for drug target discovery and novel therapeutic concepts.  This conference brings together leading scientists from around the world to promote inspiration and collaboration to stimulate cutting edge research in this exciting research nexus. This year's topics of focus include Bioinorganic Chemistry, Chemical Physiology, Imaging and Biosensors, Immune Response in Cancer, Molecular Switches, and Protein Chemistry.

Keynote Speakers

Squire J. Booker
Evan Pugh University Professor of Chemistry and of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Barbara Imperiali
Professor of Biology and Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Hiroaki Suga
University of Tokyo, Japan


Daniel Bachovchin, Sloan Kettering Institute, USA
Keriann Backus, University of California - Los Angeles, USA
Emily Balskus, Harvard University, USA
Kimberly M. Bonger, Radboud University, The Netherlands
Arvin Dar, Mount Sinai, USA
Alexander Deiters, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Bryan Dickinson, University of Chicago, USA
Katherine J. Franz, Duke University, USA
Ming Hammond, University of Utah, USA
Takanari Inoue, Johns Hopkins, USA
Aaron Esser-Kahn, University of Chicago, USA
Kathrin Lang, Technical University of Munich, Germany
Lingyin Li, Stanford University, USA
Loren Looger, University of California - San Diego, USA
Evan Miller, University of California - Berkeley, USA
Hosea Nelson, University of California - Los Angeles, USA
Eric Skaar, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, USA
Scott Sternson, University of California - San Diego, USA
Christina Woo, Harvard University, USA

Science Steering Committee

Kimberly Beatty, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University
Mike Cohen, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University
Victoria DeRose, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Ryan Mehl, Ph.D., Oregon State University
Mike Pluth, Ph.D., University of Oregon
Carsten Schultz, Ph.D., Oregon Health & Science University

Conference Organizers

Amy Johnson
Alanna Hower
Elie Inns
Tim McCormick

Contact the organizers:

Sunday, December 12

11:00 - 13:00 Check-In and Welcome
13:00 - 13:10 Opening Remarks
Session 1: Bioinorganic Chemistry Chair: Vickie DeRose
13:10 - 13:45 Hosea Nelson
13:45 - 14:00 Short Talk: TBD
14:00 - 14:35 Kathy Franz
14:35 - 14:50 Short Talk: TBD
14:50 - 15:20 Break
15:20 - 15:35 Short Talk: TBD
15:35 - 16:10 Eric Skaar
16:10 - 16:25 Short Talk: TBD
16:25 - 17:05 Flash talks: (1.5 min/1 slide) 25 presenters
17:05 - 17:30 Break
Keynote Session Chair: TBD
17:30 - 18:30 Squire Booker
18:30 - 20:30 Reception and Conference Dinner

Monday, December 13

Session 2: Molecular Switches Chair: Carsten Schultz
09:00 - 09:35 Alexander Deiters
09:35 - 10:10 Ming Hammond
10:10 - 10:25 Short Talk: TBD
10:25 - 10:55 Break
10:55 - 11:30 Takanari Inoue
11:30 - 11:45 Short Talk: TBD
11:45 - 12:25 Flash talks: (1.5 min/1 slide) 25 presenters
12:25 - 13:25 Lunch - meet the speakers
13:25 - 14:55 Poster Session I: even posters
Session 3: Imaging/Biosensors Chair: Kimberly Beatty
14:55 - 15:30 Loren Looger
15:30 - 16:05 Kimberly Bonger
16:05 - 16:20 Short Talk: TBD
16:20 - 16:55 Bryan Dickenson
Keynote Session Chair: Carsten Schultz
16:55 - 17:55 Hiro Suga
18:00 Free evening
19:00 Speaker Dinner

Tuesday, December 14

Session 4: Immune Response in Cancer Chair: Mike Cohen
09:00 - 09:35 Aaron Esser Kahn
09:35 - 10:10 Lingyin Li (remote presentation)
10:10 - 10:25 Short Talk: TBD
10:25 - 10:55 Break
10:55 - 11:30 Dan Bachovchin
11:30 - 11:45 Short Talk: TBD
11:45 - 12:25 Flash talks: (1.5 min/1 slide) 25 presenters
12:25 - 13:25 Lunch - meet the editors
13:25 - 14:55 Poster Session II: odd posters
Session 5: Protein Chemistry Chair: Ryan Mehl
14:55 - 15:30 Christina Woo (remote presentation)
15:30 - 16:05 Keriann Backus
16:05 - 16:20 Short Talk: TBD
16:20 - 16:55 Kathrin Lang
Keynote Session Chair: TBD
16:55 - 17:55 Barbara Imperiali
18:00 Free Evening

Wednesday, December 15

Session 6: Chemical Physiology Chair: Mike Cohen
09:00 - 09:35 Evan Miller
09:35 - 10:10 Emily Balskus
10:10 - 10:40 Break
10:40 - 11:15 Scott Sternson
11:15 - 11:50 Arvin Dar
Keynote Session Chair: TBD
11:50 - 12:50 Keynote Speaker: TBD
12:50 - 13:00 Closing remarks
13:00 Packed lunch to-go
Category In-Person Virtual
Early Bird* $375 USD n/a
Regular $490 USD $175 USD
Lab Group** n/a $300 USD
Industry $650 USD $350 USD
Hosting Institutions $200 USD $50 USD

* Early Bird registration ends September 12.
** Lab Group registrations are available for 2+ virtual participants from the same lab. 

Chemical Biology and Physiology 2021 is now accepting abstracts for poster presentations.  If you are presenting a poster you must also register for the conference.

Abstract submission deadline is October 31, 2021, although late submissions will be accepted up to December 11, 2021. See below for further details.

Short Talks:
Ten short talks will be selected from the in-person abstract submissions received on or before October 31, 2021. A short talk is a 15-minute presentation with slides on the poster topic and given from the main stage. A short talk allows the presenter to go into details about the poster research to all attendees. Presenters will be notified after the abstract review.

Flash Talks:
From abstracts submitted on or before October 31, 2021, up to 75 poster presenters will be selected for flash talks. A flash talk is a 90-second presentation of your poster, supported by a single slide, from the main stage. Flash talks are an opportunity to promote your poster topic prior to the poster session. Presenters will be notified after the abstract review.

Late abstract submissions will be accepted up to December 11, 2021, on a space available basis. However, abstracts received after October 31, 2021 will not be included in the program book.

General Information:

  • Finished poster size should be 48" x 38" vertical.
  • The character limit for abstracts is 4,000 characters (including spaces). 
  • Abstracts may be edited up to the deadline of October 31, 2021.  Abstracts will be printed as entered as of this date. To change any abstract information previously submitted, please email the conference organizers at
  • Please proof your abstract carefully for spelling and data errors.  Pay special attention to the author order and presenting author designation. 
  • Submission of an abstract conveys permission to be included in the conference book and posted online.
  • All abstract submissions must be submitted electronically through this site.


Knight Cancer Research Building
Oregon Health & Science University
2720 S.W. Moody Ave.
Portland, OR 97201

Local Transportation

The conference venue is just south of downtown Portland, Oregon, and easily accessible by the Portland Streetcar and MAX light rail.  This makes most downtown Portland hotels a convenient choice for conference accommodations. 


Downtown Portland has many hotels and lodging options conveniently connected by light rail, Portland street car, and bus lines.

The Hyatt House Portland Downtown hotel is conveniently located .3 miles from the venue, within easy walking distance.

Hyatt House Portland Downtown
2080 SW River Drive
Portland, OR 97201

Additional lodging options include: