Center for Primary Care Research and Innovation

The Center for Primary Care Research and Innovation is a new initiative to create a collaborative community of primary care scholars and to inspire innovation, learning, and discovery in primary care research.

We seek to:

  • Ask and answer the critical questions for primary care transformation and advancement.
  • Create a central gathering point and support network for OHSU’s community of primary care scientists to promote a culture of change and innovation.

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CPCRI is a partnership between the four primary care departments at OHSU:

Through in-kind support from faculty within the four primary care departments, we have brought together a leadership structure to build the Center.

Within the first year, the Advisory Committee will be expanded to include interested representatives from partnering healthcare systems (e.g., Tuality, Adventist), and the OHSU Schools of Nursing, Public Health (with PSU), Dentistry, and College of Pharmacy (with OSU). Within three years, we will invite local community leaders and national experts to join this group.

What is primary care research?

Our vision is to collectively impact the future of primary health care locally, nationally, and globally by supporting and enhancing the work of OHSU researchers and innovators seeking to understand, improve, and transform primary health care.

Our mission is to develop collaborative relationships and supportive infrastructure for strengthening primary care research and innovation across multiple domains. We aim to inspire positive change in the OHSU healthcare system and to position OHSU as an international leader in primary care innovation.

Faculty and staff have formed initial workgroups focused on collaborative primary care research infrastructure, research methodology, and research topics.

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Infrastructure workgroups:

  • Sponsored project management workgroup: creating a common infrastructure for pre- and post-award management to facilitate the submission of a high volume of proposals.
  • Communication and dissemination workgroup: website and connectivity to spread knowledge and best practices across mission areas.
  • Practice facilitation and research translation workgroup: practice facilitators maintain relationships with clinic and community stakeholders and coach practices to successfully bring evidence into practice.

Methodology workgroups:

  • Mixed methods workgroup: mixed-methods technical expertise to support rigorous real-world research and evaluation
  • Dissemination and implementation science workgroup

Topic workgroups:

  • Addiction medicine (Todd Korthuis – leader)
  • Health disparities (Katie Zuckerman – leader)
  • Seriously ill and palliative care (Joan Teno – leader)

Join us at one or more of the many primary care research venues/events. Suggest an event

Presentations on primary care research

  • Family Medicine Grand Rounds – second Tuesdays, noon-1pm at Emma Jones Hall 28
  • Internal Medicine Grand Rounds – every Tuesday, 8-9am at OHSU Hospital 8B60
  • Pediatric Grand Rounds – every Thursday, 8-9am at Doernbecher Miller Auditorium (11th floor)
  • Family Medicine TRACK Seminar (Teaching, Research, and Clinical Knowledge) – fourth Tuesdays, noon-1pm at Emma Jones Hall 28

Get feedback from the research community

  • WORC (Working On Research Collaboratively) – second and fourth Wednesdays, 8:45-10am, Emma Jones Hall 214
    • WORC is an informal discussion opportunity for feedback on primary care grant proposals, aims, summary statements, and other interesting topics. Contact: Nathalie Huguet
  • RIP (Research In Progress) – every Tuesday 2:00-3:20pm, 11D03 of the Hatfield Research Center
    • RIP is a weekly forum for providers or healthcare professionals to discuss current research projects with their colleagues. The session is intended to generate feedback on current approach, methods for improving data, and presenting questions to consider as the research continues. Contact: Dan LeVine
  • SRIP (Social Determinants of Health Initiative’s Scholarship and Research in Progress) – every Tuesday, 4-5:30pm, PSU School of Social Work Building
    • The SRIP series offers academic and community researchers an opportunity to receive constructive feedback from colleagues on planned or ongoing research projects related to social determinants of health. This is a great opportunity for peer mentorship and support focused on research project development and design from an interdisciplinary perspective.  Although you can expect to learn a great deal by attending regularly, SRIPs are not intended to be educational workshops or public presentations. Contact team
  • Pediatrics Health Services Research Brown Bag Lunchgenerally first Tuesday of the month, noon-1pm, at CDRC; second Monday of the month, 1-2pm, at DCH
    • Goal: To provide a venue for trainees and faculty at OHSU who are working in the area of Maternal Child Health to share and develop ideas, seek feedback, maximize success on grant funding, network and expand collaboration within and outside the institution. The areas of interest include, but are not limited to, health services research, clinical and translational research, education, and quality improvement projects. Contact: Dmitry Dukhovny

Learn more about primary care research methods

  • Quantitative Methods Journal Club – generally monthly, no fixed schedule
    • A research paper is sent out about a week ahead of the journal club. Discussion focuses on interesting and novel primary care quantitative methods. Contact: Laura Moreno

Executive leadership team

  • Jen DeVoe, M.D., D.Phil. – Inaugural Director
  • Sonja Likumahuwa-Ackman, M.I.D., M.P.H. – Assistant Director
  • Michelle Berlin, M.D., M.P.H. (CWH)
  • Deborah Cohen, Ph.D. (FM)
  • Joan Teno, M.D. (GIM)
  • Katie Zuckerman, M.D., M.P.H. (Gen Peds)

Advisory committee

Within the first year, the Advisory Committee will be expanded to include interested representatives from partnering healthcare systems (e.g., Tuality, Adventist), and the OHSU Schools of Nursing, Public Health, Dentistry, and Pharmacy. Within three years, we will invite local community leaders and national experts to join this group.

  • Amy Cantor, M.D. (CWH, DMICE, EPC)
  • Melinda Davis, Ph.D. (ORPRN, Family Medicine, SPH)
  • David Dorr, M.D. (GIM, DMICE)
  • Allison Empey, M.D. (Gen Peds)
  • LJ Fagnan, M.D. (ORPRN)
  • Todd Korthuis, M.D. (GIM)
  • Jodi Lapidus, Ph.D. (School of Public Health, BDP)
  • John McConnell, Ph.D. (CHSE)
  • Cindy Morris, Ph.D., M.P.H. (OCTRI, DMICE)
  • Jackie Shannon, Ph.D. (SPH, Knight Cancer Institute, OCTRI)

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