National Award Recipient and more

Congratulations to Dr. Avital O’Glasser who is this year’s recipient of the National American College of Physicians Walter J. McDonald Award for Early Career Physicians. This is an incredible achievement and is given to only one physician annually. The award recognizes outstanding achievement by a physician member who is within 16 years of graduating from medical school and has demonstrated achievement in the following areas: leadership, academics, and clinical care. Congratulations Avi!


Congratulations to Dr. Michael Aziz for two published editorials in the British Journal of Anaesthesia. The first, Has the time really come for video laryngoscopy? dissects a study that analyzed a fairly full-scale conversion from DL to VL for routine airway management. The second, Unrecognized esophageal intubation: time for action, explores the problem and provides a framework to reduce risk.